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May 13, 2022

How to Market Your Book on a Budget: Tips for Saving Money While Promoting Your Work

It’s no secret that book marketing can be expensive. Between book signings, book tours, and advertising, it’s easy to go overboard and spend more than you intended. But what if you want to market your book on a budget? Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to promote your work without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss some tips for saving money while marketing your book.

Social Media

One way to save money while marketing your book is to use social media. With platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can reach a large audience without spending a lot of money. Make sure to take advantage of these free platforms by creating engaging content that will interest potential readers.

There’s no doubt that social media can be a powerful tool for self-publishers. When used effectively, it can help you reach a wide audience and build buzz around your book. But with so many platforms to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. First, create a plan. Decide what platforms you’re going to use, what kind of content you’re going to share, and how often you’re going to post. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Know your audience. The first step is to identify which platforms your target readers are using. Are they active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform? Once you know where they are, you can focus your efforts on those platforms.

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2. Create great content. Posting interesting and engaging content will help you attract attention and build an audience. Think about what kinds of things your target readers would be interested in and post accordingly.

3. Use hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to reach new people and get your content seen by more people. Use relevant hashtags when posting about your book to make sure it’s being seen by potential readers. When using Twitter and Instagram, be sure to utilize hashtags such as #newbook and #booklaunch.

4. Connect with other self-publishers. There’s strength in numbers! Connect with other self-publishers on social media and collaborate on marketing efforts. You can share each other’s content, guest blog on each other’s websites, and more.


Another way to market your book on a budget is by partnering with other authors or businesses. For example, if you’re writing a book about gardening, you could partner with a local nursery or garden center. Not only will this help you promote your book to a new audience, but you may also be able to get discounts on products or services that you can use for your book tour or other promotional activities.


Run a book giveaway on Goodreads or host a contest on your blog or website. This is a great way to generate interest in your book and attract new readers. You can run a contest on Instagram and give the winner a free signed copy of your book.

Promotion sites

Utilize free online book promotion platforms such as BookBub. By submitting your book to sites like BookBub, you can reach a large number of potential readers who might not otherwise know about your book.

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Tell a friend

Finally, don’t forget about the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Ask your friends, family, and fans to tell others about your book. You can also offer incentives (I know people don’t like to do things for free!) for people who spread the word about your book, such as discounts on future purchases, exclusive book content, or even merch.

By following these tips, you can market your book on a budget and still reach a wide audience. So get out there and start promoting your work!

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