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Rebecca Clark, Founder

Website: The Glass Desk

I’m  a tech nerd and lover of Mac. I get excited about all things space related. Aliens fascinate me. Are they green and fly spaceships, or are do they look like us and drive minivans? If I could do life all over again, I’d be an astronaut. I love animals but cats are my fave. I just adopted sibling kittens…their names are TBD. I write stories to keep myself sane. My favorite genres to read are Sci-fi, Thrillers, and Fantasy. Aside from reading and writing stories, I design and develop websites. I love strong coffee and a challenge. Let’s chat!

Meaghan Hurn, Co-Founder

Website: Hurn Publications

I love loose leaf teas, I collect teacups and coffee cups, and strangely I love big soup spoons. In contrast to the big beautiful weddings I’ve designed and coordinated, my tastes run fairly simple. I watch tons of documentaries, generally anything to do with oceanography and marine biology. I’m also a sucker for terrible jokes and puns. Typically, I’m reading, writing or discussing both topics somewhere on Twitter. I’m also not a fan of small talk. I like to jump into the middle of a conversation and get the heart of a topic. So, feel free to reach out and start a real conversation.