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One Nation

By Michael Leslie Karnes

Genre: Thriller

As a child Jennifer Hanson grew up under the shadow of the Second American Revolution. She is accustomed to her life of affluence with her husband Matt, a political operative with the Freedom Party. After casual conversation at a dinner party turns seditious Jennifer finds herself targeted by Chief Inspector Jennings of the National Police. As Jennifer and her husband are shunned by their circle of friends she realizes that the life she has known is over. All she can do is run.

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Through the Windshield–Drive-by Lives

By Dirk B. Sayers

Genre: General Fiction

Truth is a shapeshifter. Sometimes it slams into us in a head-on collision, changing everything in an eyeblink. But more often, truth arrives camouflaged in the ordinary, it’s significance become clear only upon reflection.

But sooner or later, we realize that we are at once our own jailors and the instruments of our own freedom, streaking toward our destiny lurking just beyond our own headlights.

This anthology contains some of Dirk’s short stories, a few previously published, others appearing in print for the first time. Some stories are adapted from previously published longer works, or soon to be published works still in progress.

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Best Case Scenario

By Dirk B. Sayers

Genre: Young Adult

More than a year out of college, Nyra’s beginning to wonder when her life gets started—whether there’s really a place for her in the 21st Century. She gets that every generation faces unique challenges, and she’s smart enough to know it’s on her to overcome them. That’s why she’s worked two jobs all through college, studied so hard and tried not to worry too much about her mounting student loan debt.

Still, this feeling of wading through wet cement is getting old and buried somewhere deep in her half-formed dreams for her future, Nyra hears the faint siren’s song of hope whispering to her. She’s so ready. But is the song she hears really hope or just hopeful illusion.

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West of Tomorrow

By Dirk B. Sayers

Genre: General Fiction

It’s a long way to West of Tomorrow—a day when the sun rises on a world we don’t recognize. To that day when looming fateful decisions will change everything. It’s not that Clay Conover has been dodging this day so much as he’s been focused on day-to-day practicalities. Still, as a re-careered Marine officer, you’d expect him to be alert for ambushes.

But not all of Clay’s past experience is relevant to his future. Sheera Prasad looks nothing like the ambushes he’s used to. So when Clay is tasked with training her, he sees only professional potential in a distractive package he does his best to ignore. And they both know better than to let things go beyond professional Don’t they?

When a corporate power play further complicates an already complicated situation, Clay and Sheera are face choices that will rule their future and their fate. Can love and career coexist, and how will their respective pasts inform their decisions? West of Tomorrow is a tale of corporate of flexible ethics, ill-fated loves and the Phoenix living in us all.

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Nightwalker: Wish & Mercy

By AJ Gala

Genre: Fantasy

After her estranged brother returns home with news one fateful night, Tizzy Hallenar learns that her kingdom is headed for war. But can anyone really trust what Aleth says after he’s been gone for ten years, or is there something else to uncover?
When she takes the plunge to investigate, what she finds is a whole other world desperate for her allegiance and hers alone. To make matters worse, this ‘whole other world’ is the enemy, and they promise her unimaginable power. If Tizzy wants that power to save her family, she’ll have to choose between siding with the enemy or leaving Aleth behind.
Contains mature and taboo subject matter.

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Retribution Book 2 – Winter Revenge

By Dave Harvey

Genre: General Fiction

Retribution Book 2
Winter Revenge
“Revenge is a dish best served cold”
Cesar Quevedo aches for revenge, and can’t wait. The Cape Town winter rains are starting, when heads will be down and buried under umbrellas. That will be the time he’ll be looking to strike.
Dimitri Alfieri is also wanting revenge, but he understands the value of waiting.
Needing fresh abalone suppliers, Cesar Quevedo meets Melissa Samuels, a key player and he succumbs to her charms. But who exactly is she? Abalone poaching is not where you want to be following your heart.
While the Camps Bay cartel spend their time plotting and scheming, the Hout Bay team carry out a pre-emptive ambush with military precision against Dimitri Alfieri.
He learns a painful, expensive lesson that leaves him in hospital with a huge question mark. How would anyone know where he would be at a specific time and what he would be carrying in the boot of his car?

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