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Frequently Asked Questions

If you write as a hobby or a profession, or you are an editor, publisher, or beta reader, you can benefit from this community. There is an end result for all of us: that we all want great stories to be told. If you’re not sure, try us out for free.

There’s not, but join The Novella and see what’s under the hood. If you like what you see, upgrade to The Novel and enjoy all the great things we have to offer.

No. Once you sign up, your price is locked in for life unless you leave the community, delete or cancel your account.

Yes, from your Membership tab within your profile, you will see an Upgrade link. You will be prorated for that month depending on the day you upgrade.

Definitely. You will have complete control over your subscription. If there is a reason you can’t pay for the month, then you can pause your membership without having to leave us for good.