Membership Perks

Membership Perks

Being a part of TWP gets you things, cool things.

The Membership Perks are available to our premium level members.
See the comparison price chart between The Novel and The Novella.

Early Access

Be the first to know about new items in the shop, new contests & courses, the release of member's books, and events.


Get 10% off at The Giving Experts and enjoy some discounted services such as publishing, design, and promotions.


Build a close relationship with Hurn Publications and future partners, plus get their rates at a discount.


Submit to any contest and get peer & social media recognition, swag, and even bigger discounts.


Earn points towards store items and get the bragging rights for your badges and achievements.

Learn on the Go

Experience The Write Point and all its features anywhere with the mobile app. Coming soon.